Alibi is produced by Paul McNally for SAFM in conjunction with Wits Radio Academy, Wits Justice Project and as part of Citizen Justice Network.

Presented by: Freddy Mabitsela & Paul McNally
Additional production and music composed by: John Bartmann
Mixed by: Kutlwano Serame
Additional scripting by: Elna Schutz
Editorial help by: Tom McNally, Gavin Haynes and Kyla Herrmannsen
Editorial oversight by: Franz Kruger & Nooshin Erfani

Paul McNally wrote, investigated and produced Alibi. He is a British-born journalist living in Johannesburg. He was a Knight Visiting Nieman Fellow in 2016 at Harvard University. He is the author of the non-fiction book The Street: Exposing a World of Cops, Bribes and Drug Dealers and is the Director of Citizen Justice Network, a project that trains community paralegals to be radio journalists.

Freddy Mabitsela is the host of Alibi. He is a software developer, actor, voice over artists and radio host, a former campus radio breakfast host brings his youthful energy and view to the show. He is currently the station voice of VOW FM.

John Bartmann composed the original music and assisted with production for Alibi. He has produced original music for SABC TV and radio, podcasts, location-aware audio, corporate videos, advertisements, games, theatre and film. In 2016,┬áhis production album “Fantasy and Fairytales” (co-composed with Nic Paton) was signed to German library Minds and Music, and in 2017 he┬áreceived a license deal with Paris label Wagram Music. He currently works as a freelance music copywriter and performs live with his electronic jazz band PRAVDA.

Kutlwano Serame, mixed Alibi. He was born and raised in Soweto, Rockville. Attended secondary school at Azara Secondary School, and (having) attended tertiary at The Academy of Sound Engineering (studied radio broadcasting as his elective). Works for VOW FM (Voice of Wits) and Wits Radio Academy as a Technical Producer. Lover of good food, music and has a history of damaging his mother’s televisions sets.